Membership of Frodsham Community Association

Frodsham Community Centre is run by a team of volunteers drawn from Members of the Affiliated Groups who meet there and supporters who have joined as Individual Members of the Association.

There are three kinds of Individual Members:

a) Full Members - All persons aged 18 years and over who live in the Frodsham area. These Members have full voting rights at members meetings.

b) Junior Members - Persons under the age of 18 who live in the Frodsham area. Junior Members do not have individual voting rights but can elect two representatives who shall have voting rights as if they were full members.

c) Associate Members - These are well-wishers who can live anywhere. Associate Members do not have individual voting rights but can elect one representative who shall have voting rights as if they were full members.

All members are invited to take part in the running of the Community Centre in ways which suit their skills and availability.

Members can elect to receive by email a copy of the monthly newsletter, Centrepoints which keeps them informed of what's on at the Centre and other topics of interest.

After the initial joining fee of £5.00 there are no on-going costs associated with membership. All that we ask is that you help us keep your membership details up to date by renewing your registration each year.

You can become a new member of the Association or renew your membership by completing this form .

The 200 Club

The Community Centre is almost 50 years old and is in constant need of maintenance and refurbishment.

Letting rates alone do not cover all the costs of running a successful Centre such as ours and we rely on fund raising, donations, and grants to maintain the building in the manner to which we aspire. We have recently enhanced the front entrance and improved the appearance of the Main Hall and are currently in the process of planning improvements to the Small Hall and reception area.

We are grateful to the members of the 200 Club who over the last 5 years have helped to generate around £4,000 per year towards essential work at the Centre and at the same time we have paid out a similar amount in prizes.

We currently have about 134 individual members. The level of prizes and funds raised increases with membership so we are encouraging more FCA members to join. The 200 Club is a bit like an FCA lottery but with better odds of winning.

A subscription of just £5 per month gives you a chance of winning monthly, quarterly, and annual prizes currently ranging from £15 to £1,000.

If you join as a new FCA member and express an interest to join the 200 Club your membership fee will be counted as your first months' subscription and you will immediately become eligible to win the monthly and quarterly prizes.

Existing Full and Associate FCA members can also join the 200 Club by ticking the box on the membership renewal form.